Valuable ‘working’ workshops

Our workshops are ‘working sessions’ that are created specifically to the context of your loyalty marketing situation and marketing planning to endure constant change.

Loyalty Marketing Workshops

Loyalty Marketing Workshops!

9 steps to valuable loyalty program

This workshop is based on our proprietary and proven methodology delivered in 2 formats –

  1. A ‘lite’ version or half-day session where key opportunities are identified and an action plan developed.
  2. A “full’ version which takes the ‘lite’ version outcomes and continues with three further working sessions to develop more robust strategies.

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Resilient Marketing Strategy Workshops

7m Marketing Methodology workshop

Our 7m Marketing Methodology workshop delivers a structured and actionable plan to help your business endure constant change.

Adam Posner


Making Price Irrelevant workshop

We develop and deliver tailored and general workshops to help guide business towards a focus of Making Price Irrelevant.

Workshop content guide – sample only
What is Making Price Irrelevant?
Benefits to your business? (working session 1)
Who are your customers? Why do the buy? (working session 2)
Connect your Customer Care-Factors with your Capabilities (working session 3)
Identify your Customer Care-Factors @ each of 9 stages of the Relationship Continuum (working session 4)
Identify the vGAP (valuable GAP)
Finding valuable – going deeper towards a valuable purpose (working session 5)

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Adam Posner

Adam Posner (CEO) has been a data-driven direct marketer for 23 years. He started his loyalty life in the mid ’90’s with a shopping centre loyalty program initiative called “Scratch & Save”.

Since then he has been involved in a range of loyalty and retention programs from large retail programs such as the new flybuys program launched in 2012 as well as developing self-funding ‘Return on Loyalty’ models for pharmacy, entertainment and large accommodation networks.

He is obsessed about helping clients build and maintain valuable loyalty programs that are profitable to the business and meaningful to the member.

Together with Citrus, he commissioned and co-authored two of Australia’s most in-depth research studies on consumers’ relationships with loyalty programs (For Love or Money – 2013) and the latest research study (Share the Love – 2014). Their loyalty research was no 4 of the top 10 marketing news that made the biggest waves in 2014. They also develop as a resource centre for loyalty marketers.
Loyalty Marketing Workshops!

He has developed the proprietary loyalty strategy process ‘9 steps to a valuable loyalty program’ which he has successfully used to assist clients develop their programs including –

Horseland (54 stores), Pharmore Pharmacy Group (17 stores), NHP Electrical, Medibank Icehouse and Mt Buller. He also developed an innovative Recognition and Reward program without POINTS for Quest Serviced Apartment group (150 franchise network)

Adam is also the author of the practical book on loyalty – ‘Give-back to Get-back – 9 steps to a profitable loyalty program’.

Adam Posner
Adam has been widely interviewed on loyalty and published in Marketing Magazine, BRW, CMO, Colloquy, eConsultancy, AdNews, B&T and SmartCompany.
Adam Posner

Adam Posner (CEO) has developed the 7m Marketing Methodology and the Making Price Irrelevant strategic solution as unique and structured processes to help business plan and action their marketing to endure constant change.

Both strategies are provided as workshops built around the context of your organisations opportunity to capitalise on change.

He has developed the Making Price Irrelevant process over 5 years helping BlueScope move from selling product for price to delivering a service utility that has achieved an ongoing 25x return on marketing investment. You can download a case study at

Adam brings his collective experience and marketing obsession from over 21 years of servicing the marketing needs of both larger organisations and smaller entrepreneurial businesses.

Over that time he has worked with many brands including BlueScope, Quest Serviced Apartment group, Chartis Insurance, TRU Energy, ANZ, Grollo Leisure & Tourism and Pearson as well as working with dynamic entrepreneurial businesses such as QSR International, Global Beauty Group, Salus Healthcare, NHP Electrical, RSEA Safety Stores, Horseland and Pharmore Pharmacy Group.

Making Price Irrelevant

He is author of 3 marketing books, the latest to be released in September 2014 is ‘Making Price Irrelevant – Becoming ultra successful by being extra valuable’.