What legacy would your loyalty program leave behind?

There are any number of definitions* of “legacy” and the one that resonates for me and for the context of this article is …

“Legacies are, more or less, what we remember about a person (or group). What an individual does today might, in the future, be regarded as being important enough to be thought of as a memorable legacy”

As far-fetched as it might seem, and with the utmost respect to the world of genuine legacies, I would like to leverage the legacy idea into the world of loyalty programs.


* I believe it is a powerful question that really challenges all program managers on how valuable programs are now or should be.

* It takes an inanimate business growth platform into the realms of humanity and let’s face it, that’s where every customer centric strategy should be!

(For those without programs, stay with this hypothesis as it might be the most valuable insight you consider when planning a program.)

So, what legacy would your loyalty program leave behind?

Start the answer with the following:

Our program will be remembered for ……………………………………..
(fill in the rest at a workshop with your team).

From your team’s perspective, you will see from the answers if your program is ‘living’ the way it will be remembered!

Then, taking this question even further, think of a way to ask your members the same question. That would be interesting!

This question was not researched in ‘for love or money 2016’, however I believe it is both a powerful and pivotal question and worth considering for the ‘for love or money 2017’ research study.

Have a happy loyalty day that works towards a legacy!

* Definition of legacy taken from the popular, proven and source of every truth…Simple English Wikipedia!!


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