Value propositions…who cares?

It is common these days that organisations and brands talk about their VP (value proposition) in the context of what they offer to their customers.

Sometimes it is referred to as the USP (unique selling proposition). Another is the SMP (single minded proposition)…or maybe you have your own version.

I used to have SMO…Single Minded Obsession.

However, here is one that I believe is even simpler and captures them all.

Valuable Promise

Valuable instead of value. Valuable has many meanings, one being ‘precious’ (diamond are precious) which often relates to something that you care about. It has a much stronger meaning than value.

Promise instead of proposition. A promise is an oath that you stand by.

So together, you have an offering that is valuable (your customers will care about it) and a promise – your commitment and oath to give them whatever is valuable to them.

What is your brand or organisation’s “valuable promise”?


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