Valuable Loyalty Marketing

Retain the best. Grow the rest.

Our focus is to help business retain their best customers and grow the rest.

We have developed various diagnostic tools to build a valuable loyalty program including:

1. The alignment diagnostic – Do you really need a loyalty program?
2. The team commitment diagnostic – Is your team in love with your loyalty program?
3. The three ingredients to a powerful program diagnostic – How Simple, Personal and Valuable is your program?

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Is Your Customer Loyalty Program Proving to be Valuable?

To ensure your loyalty program continues to be valuable to your business, download our complimentary 5 step review and revamp methodology.

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Our ‘for love or money 2016’ research identified and quantified why consumers join loyalty programs.

The Three Motivations of Loyalty – Convenience Loyalty, Transactional Loyalty and Emotional Loyalty each have an impact on the value and viability of a loyalty program.

To find out more on how each Motivation of Loyalty IMPACTS your loyalty program and ACTIONS to take, download our complimentary 1-page overview.

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The Point of Loyalty

We are developers of The Point of Loyalty, the leading online resource for loyalty marketers in Australia.

The Point of Loyalty has the most comprehensive research studies into Australian loyalty programs and customer loyalty – For Love or Money 2017, 2016 and 2015 and Share the Love 2014 as well as other resources for loyalty marketers. All research studies have been commissioned and co-authored by Adam Posner.

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Research insights drive the success of customer retention and loyalty strategies

The loyalty and retention strategies we develop, drive the research methodologies we implement. Our research methodologies are based on the frameworks for building valuable customer retention and loyalty initiatives.