Trust: From 0 – 100% in ? seconds

Recently I was in a presentation from a prospective vendor who was selling their technology solution and services. We had never met before.

Everything was going really well. He asked some opening questions (not enough I might say) and then launched into all the FAB = features , benefits, advantages of his solution.

He shared some brand names he had as clients, availability of testimonials, his exceptional service standards and on-call technical helpline.

We then reached the price discussion which was deftly handled so he had room to negotiate. He also wanted more details on requirements before getting too specific on price – which is understandable and I respect that as this was the first meeting.

So this all seemed ok to me and I could sense that my rational brain was already buying.

For me, trust had been built in my mind and we were passed all the FAB, the credentials etc, and the solution seemed right.

However, as we were finishing up he said the following…

“Don’t trust me at this first meeting, let me earn your trust?”

I laughed and nodded, however it did get me thinking…

In your business dealings do you start with 100% trust and then hope that trust is maintained or even exceeded by your vendors/partners/suppliers?


Do you start with 0% trust and let it be earned and built towards 100%?

There are lots of other variables in this situation such as body language, visual presentation cues, context of presentation etc and whilst important elements that build the “trust factor”, it makes me wonder where you start with trust -at 0% or 100%?

I’d love to hear about the situations you face and where your trust factor lands on a scale of 0 – 100%


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