For the first 90 days of 2017, did your loyalty program achieve its metrics of success?

Breaking up the year into 90-day periods makes the accountability of any strategy more visible and accountable. For a loyalty program a 90-day period also gives you the opportunity to measure and report movement in the metrics of success that you have set for your program. Have a look at our Metrics of Success list … Read More

Millennials and loyalty programs – do they care?

The talk about Millennials as a powerful and unique cohort of consumers continues to add to the pixeldust of online content. Are they proving to be so different in their views and behaviours than any other generational cohort that a dedicated focus on them is required? (Just Google “Millennials and marketing” and you will find … Read More

From honeymoon to “moneymoon” – why the first 90 days to on-board new loyalty program members is so important

The first 90 days for welcoming and settling in new loyalty or rewards program members is a critical time for entrenching a required behaviour. I have changed this commonly known period from “honeymoon” to “moneymoon”. Moneymoon makes me realise that these first 90 days have a critical impact on the longer-term value exchange between the … Read More

Why are brands bothering to revitalise their loyalty and rewards programs (some are even starting new ones)

A recent article by CMO – “How brands are ramping up customer loyalty program spending in 2017”, highlighted how brands across different categories are reviewing, re-inventing, revitalising, refreshing, whatever “re….” helps them focus on the value and viability of their loyalty or rewards program. David Jones are also imminently launching their rewards program, potentially called … Read More

To simplify your loyalty and rewards program take a look at the terms & conditions

As I continue on the quest to simplify customer loyalty and rewards programs, I often find that the length and wordiness of a program’s terms and conditions is an indication of its simplicity – or not! I understand the need for loyalty programs to have various terms, conditions and rules of engagement, however if there … Read More

Reducing the friction points in loyalty programs. Start with Simple.

It’s disappointing to see how loyalty programs create friction points to fracture the very purpose of their existence. The antidotes to all the friction points are identified in the 24 ingredients to a successful loyalty program found in the research study ‘for love or money 2016’. The 24 ingredients are classified into SPV factors: S … Read More

Take an extra 30%, 40%, 50% and more off!

What’s the impact of intense short-term discount periods on long-term customer loyalty? A frenetic December retail period has just passed, with big discounts on offer.(At the time of writing January sales continue on…) The National Retail Association report that “Nationally, consumers have spent around $2.28 billion nationwide in the Boxing Day sales, which is up … Read More

It’s not one, three or five. It’s nine steps to developing a valuable loyalty program (and it’s not just theory).

If you are considering the value of developing a loyalty program or even if you already have one, then each of the steps of our framework ‘9 steps to a valuable loyalty program’ will help you. A program must start with the view that there is a sensitive balance between it being: 1. Profitable to … Read More

Zig vs Zag? Communicating with your loyalty program members

In the email vs mail challenge who wins? Zig (email) or Zag (mail)? (I am only focusing on these 2 direct one-one channels with the knowledge that there are others including social, mobile, apps, in-store and face to face). The answer will depend on your criteria of assessment including response/redemption rates, cost effectiveness, time-to-market, clutter … Read More

Does your team love your loyalty program? Here are three strategies to help.

I was in a well-known department store a few weeks back and arriving at the counter to pay, I was surprised and delighted how enthusiastic ‘Rebecca – Team Member’ (as per her name badge) was about their loyalty program. After the standard pleasantries were exchanged and whilst processing my purchase, Rebecca stopped for a moment, … Read More