Surprise them*, delight them…emotionalise** them

*them are customers and or members of your loyalty program

**emotionalise is a word according to Collins Dictionary

What can you do differently this time of year to create a greater emotional connection with your customers?

Do something out of the ordinary, maybe a random act of kindness (and it’s not always about money).

Sending a surprise and delight gift or reward stimulates emotional energy towards the brand or business delivering it. There is also a high potential that it will be shared amongst friends and social networks.

A nice article here that shares a few examples.

SHOCK AND AWESOME: The Science Behind Why Surprise Rewards Work and who is Using Them

In our latest ‘for love or money 2016’, 52% of members said that “surprise and delight benefits as part of a program’ are important.

I am a little amused by loyalty programs that overtly promote the fact that they have “surprises”… seems to me that leaves no surprise! (except maybe the timing).

Have a look at the loyalty program from T2 Society. Although I do love the brand and their tea, I am not convinced that their “random acts of generosity and surprises” should be overtly marketed. Sets an expectation and also is not the purest form of surprise and delight.

What are your thoughts on surprises you have received from a brand that were not expected and were a delight?

Have a happy loyalty day, full of surprises!


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