Points for purpose. This is the season to give a point (or a few)

As I continue to help brands build loyalty programs that are meaningful to members, I always urge them to give their members the opportunity to redeem their points as benefit for a charity or local community.

The reasons are:

1. It moves programs from transaction based (points for purchase) towards an interaction that has a greater meaning (points for purpose).

2. It provides brands with a cause connection and members with a feeling of generosity and “giving without getting” .

In our loyalty research study ‘share the love 2014‘ (available at www.theloyaltypoint.com.au, 65% of members said they would like to be able to share the points and rewards they have accumulated within a loyalty program beyond themselves  – with family, charity, local community, school or sporting group.

So here is a double call to action:

Members of a points program – donate your points for purpose (a charity or community cause).

Brands with a points program – set up the opportunity and engage your members to donate their points for a purpose (a charity or community cause).

As we are heading towards the season of giving, what would a few thousand points mean to a person in need?

Here are few examples (with various denominations available at their respective sites).


4000 flybuys points = $20 to The Smith Family

2000 flybuys points = $10 to Redkite

(Other partners to donate your flybuys points to include The Bravery Trust, Food Bank, Second Bite, Cancer Council Australia, Australian Redcross)

Qantas Frequent Flyer points

They provide the option to donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation

7500 points = $65 (other denominations available)

ANZ rewards

4685 points = $25 to RSPCA, Unicef and Red Cross

Commonwealth Awards

I could not find any specific charity partner to redeem points as a donation.

Virgin Velocity

Plenty of charity partners to donate to including Starlight Foundation (17500 points = $100 donation) and others – White Ribbon Australia, Camp Quality, Kids helpline and more


I could not locate an option to utilise credits earned for a donation.

Whilst the above is not an exhaustive review of programs with ‘points for purpose‘, it is a starting point.

So take the call to action to heart and give a point!



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