Pitching loyalty: flybuys vs Woolworths Rewards

I am certainly not a creative specialist so I will let them work that one out, however strategically it is very interesting.

Our own independent research ‘for love or money 2015‘, which was released in August, had flybuys as no 1 and Woolworths Rewards (formerly known as Everyday Rewards) as no 2, as programs doing a particularly good job.

So with the latest release of Woolworths Rewards, the battle has got more intense.

Whilst I am not going to dissect every inch of each program, from what I can work out,  the big differences are:

1. flybuys points vs no points (Woolworths Dollars)

2. flybuys is a coalition program (earn and burn with partners) vs Woolworths Rewards which is now company aligned (earn within company brands e.g. at Woolworths and BWS) and less or no reliance on partners e.g. no Qantas

3. Lots of maths on earn rate and rewards faster as provided in the release quotes: “The Australian Consumer, Retail and Services (ACRS) research unit at Monash Business School confirms the typical shopper spending $108 per week could now earn $10 Woolworths Dollars to take off their shopping in just over seven weeks and at least twice as fast as in the major competitors core program

4. rewards on orange stickers vs rewards on every item

– Customers earn ‘Woolworths Dollars’ in participating Woolworths Supermarkets and BWS stores when they buy any of a huge range of items with an orange ticket across virtually every product category, across a wide range of brands

– flybuys earn points on all products and get boosters depending on other products you have within their stable

Enough said.

The shopping public will decide which program will get them walking the aisles more or less and maybe we will see a pitch on our big screens to help us along.

Do you have a point of view?


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