Personalisation vs privacy – when too cool becomes more creepy

As you continue to improve your customer loyalty strategies, here are some of the latest insights on the balancing act of personalisation vs privacy.

In the ‘for love or money 2016’ loyalty report we benchmarked the results from the 2014 ‘Share the Love’ study of loyalty program members’ perspective on personalisation vs privacy.

Across all dimensions researched in the 2016 study there has been an increased sensitivity to privacy since the 2014 study.

· There are still a high proportion of members, 64% in 2016 vs 73% in 2014, who are happy to receive discounts or special offers based on their purchasing habits.

· Only 53% in 2016 (down from 63% in 2014) are happy to provide details about their shopping interests in return for discounts or special offers on things they like to buy.

· Location based targeting is not so cool anymore with only 25% of members in 2016 (down from 32% in 2014) who are happy to receive offers or discount based on where they are shopping.

There are numerous insights from the ‘personalisation vs privacy’ analysis in the loyalty report ‘for love or money 2016’.

The complimentary Executive Summary of ‘for love or money 2016’ (available at provides some of these insights with the full 80+ page report of ‘for love or money 2016’ going deeper on these and many other loyalty insights.


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