Making price irrelevant. Transcend customer relationships from ‘transaction to trust’

It has been a four and half year journey towards the publishing of my third book, Making Price Irrelevant – Becoming ultra successful by being extra valuable

Here’s the story on what motivated it’s creation….

It all started from one business-changing conversation. In March 2010 in a formal setting, a client was briefing us for his next lead generation campaign. The client (let’s call him Tom) is a senior marketing executive for a large manufacturer who sell raw material product to other manufacturers.

Tom’s customers want it all – lowest price, high quality and delivered on time – sound familiar?

Tom’s challenge was quite complex. His organisation operates in a very competitive environment with uncontrollable external factors such as currency fluctuations and customers who are being attracted to lower priced imported product.

Although Tom had a reputable brand behind him, it was just not enough to rely on the brand’s strength to maintain or grow his organisation’s market share, margins, revenue and profit.

Tom was also looking for a marketing strategy to generate more qualified opportunities for his national sales team.

It was important to Tom to avoid the hard sell and make prospective clients see his associates more as business improvement partners than suppliers of product.

The old way of selling product for price was just too hard.

“Adam we need a regular flow of quality prospects please!” “What are you selling?” I asked. “We sell raw material product” he said. “Oh….” I thought.

What became clear was that besides the product they sold, Tom and his team had immense knowledge and depth of experience in their industry and most importantly, insights about their customers’ manufacturing processes.They had knowledge of how to improve their customers’ production processes for productivity and profitability improvement.

This was the ‘aha’ moment, when this ‘knowledge’ became the insight!

It was this knowledge they had to share, not the product that they had to sell.

It was this knowledge that became so valuable to their customers.

It was this knowledge they decided to give to their customers… yes give!

It was this knowledge that turned a product sell into a service utility.

That is where Making Price Irrelevant started.

In summary, it was the giving of knowledge to improve their customers’ business (the productivity, cash-flow and profitability) that turned the focus away from selling product for price, turned prospects into quality leads and customers into partners.

It was this knowledge that was relevant, useful and highly desirable to their customers.

It was how they became extra valuable to their customers.

It was how their customers became even more valuable to them.

It developed a relationship of trust and generated revenue growth way beyond their expectations. It helped to transcend their customer relationships from ‘transaction to trust’.

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