Is your team ‘in love’ with your loyalty program? (6 questions to ask)

I have had the fortune of working on numerous loyalty and reward programs and one of the realities of a profitable program is that the team is totally ‘in love’ with the program.

They are committed, enthusiastic, believe in it’s benefits (to the member and to the business) and therefore escalate engagement with members.

So, if your loyalty program is losing its appeal (to members, to your team, to your business), then it’s time to diagnose where the pain is, starting with your team.

Here are 6 questions to answer from a diagnostic I have developed:

1. (Measures of success) How clear are your team members on the measures of success of your loyalty program?

2. (Benefits of your program) how clear are your team members on the benefits of your loyalty program?

3. (Results reporting) Do you report on the performance of your loyalty program in an accessible format for your team (eg email update, team meetings, intranet or other)

4. (Results accountability) Do you provide individual targets and respective results to your team on their loyalty program interactions eg how many members they signup etc

5. (Incentives) Do you provide incentives for achieving loyalty program interactions eg how many members they sign up or how often they request members’ cards or loyalty id

6. (Training) How often do you update skills and motivate your team on your program

If you want to make a good program, great, then it’s time to diagnose how ‘in love’ your team is with your program.



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