From hindsight to foresight. The 7M’s to build a resilient structure for profitable marketing

The new year or the end of the old year are often seen as a time for many marketing teams to reflect on what worked and what didn’t so that their next 12 months are about improving on both.

I call it planning ‘from hindsight to foresight‘ – what happened in the past that gives us the insights to improve the future.

What structure do you have in place to review the past 12 months and plan for the next?

I have developed a 7M Marketing Methodology – a simple framework (plan on a page) to help business build a resilient structure for profitable marketing.

Briefly they are:

M1: Motivation = what are your objectives and please make them SMART (once you have the objectives, it would be wise to complete a simple SWOT analysis and I have one that works wonders. It’s called the H2O = what’s Helping you achieve your objectives and what’s Hindering you?

M2: Market = who are the customers you want and why do they want what you offer?

M3: Message = Why is what you offer different and what difference does it make in the life of your customers? Prove it.

M4: Method = what channels of communication to support an acquisition strategy vs a retention and growth strategy?

M5: Metrics = what are your measures of success and how will you report on them?

M6: Money = what’s your investment to achieve the objectives you have set?

M7: Momentum = what are the milestones and who are the people responsible?

Download the 7M Marketing Methodology infographic and start 2016 with the foresight to profitable marketing.


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