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For the first 90 days of 2017, did your loyalty program achieve its metrics of success?

Breaking up the year into 90-day periods makes the accountability of any strategy more visible and accountable. For a loyalty program a 90-day period also gives you the opportunity to measure and report movement in the metrics of success that you have set for your program. Have a look at our Metrics of Success list … Read More

From honeymoon to “moneymoon” – why the first 90 days to on-board new loyalty program members is so important

The first 90 days for welcoming and settling in new loyalty or rewards program members is a critical time for entrenching a required behaviour. I have changed this commonly known period from “honeymoon” to “moneymoon”. Moneymoon makes me realise that these first 90 days have a critical impact on the longer-term value exchange between the … Read More

Take an extra 30%, 40%, 50% and more off!

What’s the impact of intense short-term discount periods on long-term customer loyalty? A frenetic December retail period has just passed, with big discounts on offer.(At the time of writing January sales continue on…) The National Retail Association report that “Nationally, consumers have spent around $2.28 billion nationwide in the Boxing Day sales, which is up … Read More

Surprise them*, delight them…emotionalise** them

*them are customers and or members of your loyalty program **emotionalise is a word according to Collins Dictionary What can you do differently this time of year to create a greater emotional connection with your customers? Do something out of the ordinary, maybe a random act of kindness (and it’s not always about money). Sending … Read More

How to plan your customer loyalty and retention strategies in 2017 – with clarity and accountability

As December rolls in and 2017 shows up, it’s like ‘Groundhog Day*’ for organisations to take a look at their customer loyalty and retention strategies and plan for their next 90,120 or 365 days. One of the most practical methodologies used (and has been for many years) to assess the current situation of your customer … Read More

What critical question will validate the value and viability of an existing loyalty program?

As loyalty programs mature and the market continues to be more cluttered, organisations with existing loyalty programs start their evaluation process. Are the program’s metrics of success meeting or exceeding expectations? Even with all the internal scrutiny on financial and member behavioural data to prove (or not) the value and viability of a program, there … Read More

If you are on a journey to build customer loyalty, start with answering 2 questions

Being deeply involved in customer loyalty strategies, customer retention and growth programs, loyalty programs or variations on these, often brings me to two questions that I always ask clients when they are considering “customer loyalty” as a business growth strategy: Question 1: What does customer loyalty mean to you (the business/brand)? Question 2: What does … Read More