Making Price Irrelevant – The Book

Imagine if your business could reduce the amount of discounting and develop relationships long before price is mentioned.

How would this benefit your business?

This is a book for people in business who really want to make a difference to the lives of their customers.

They want to be valuable to them.

When they do, those customers will make a difference to the life of their business.

Their business will become more valuable.

Making Price Irrelevant is more than a book. It’s an easy read, with thought provoking questions and practical tools to help you find what really matters to your customer.

The Loyalty Book

After researching over 113 different loyalty programs, as well as developing and implementing programs for clients. Adam Posner has written his book on loyalty.

What is loyalty? How do you implement a profitable loyalty program? Is a loyalty program right for your business and for your customers?

This book answers these questions and many more. It also includes 16 loyalty tips and a simple financial model to provide direction on the evaluating ROL – Return on Loyalty.

customer retention strategies

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