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Do brands really need a loyalty program to keep their customers loyal?

Trying to arrest shopping promiscuity, loyalty programs are doing their utmost to hold onto customers and squeeze out extra visits, higher spend and fundamentally drive incremental profit. According to our latest benchmark research study ‘for love or money 2015’ the third annual study by strategic loyalty consultancy Directivity and retention agency Citrus, 58% of loyalty program members … Read More

A critical insight on loyalty programs from Seth Godin

I am a huge fan of Seth Godin. He was recently interviewed by Colloquy for their 25th Anniversary (full details here His 3 key points from the article are 1. Build something I’d miss if you took it away; 2. Focus not on prizes or the transfer of value, but on recognition, on humanity, … Read More

Making price irrelevant. Transcend customer relationships from ‘transaction to trust’

It has been a four and half year journey towards the publishing of my third book, Making Price Irrelevant – Becoming ultra successful by being extra valuable Here’s the story on what motivated it’s creation…. It all started from one business-changing conversation. In March 2010 in a formal setting, a client was briefing us for his … Read More

Value propositions…who cares?

It is common these days that organisations and brands talk about their VP (value proposition) in the context of what they offer to their customers. Sometimes it is referred to as the USP (unique selling proposition). Another is the SMP (single minded proposition)…or maybe you have your own version. I used to have SMO…Single Minded … Read More