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Zig vs Zag? Communicating with your loyalty program members

In the email vs mail challenge who wins? Zig (email) or Zag (mail)? (I am only focusing on these 2 direct one-one channels with the knowledge that there are others including social, mobile, apps, in-store and face to face). The answer will depend on your criteria of assessment including response/redemption rates, cost effectiveness, time-to-market, clutter … Read More

Does your team love your loyalty program? Here are three strategies to help.

I was in a well-known department store a few weeks back and arriving at the counter to pay, I was surprised and delighted how enthusiastic ‘Rebecca – Team Member’ (as per her name badge) was about their loyalty program. After the standard pleasantries were exchanged and whilst processing my purchase, Rebecca stopped for a moment, … Read More

Are loyalty programs serious about ‘Points for Purpose’?

In our latest loyalty research study ‘for love or money 2016‘, 32% of members think that its important for loyalty programs to give their members opportunities to donate to charities or local community initiatives. From fact to reality This research fact was recently made a reality by the awesome initiative of a few people who … Read More