Beards and Baristas = a cultural marketing phenomenon

As a marketing guy, I love watching how popular culture develops and how a trend becomes a norm. One of the trends I have observed recently is that wherever superb coffee is served there is a bearded barista.

Of course bearded baristas are not exclusive to great coffee – there are some incredible non-bearded baristas!

(By the way the picture here is of Matt the barista at Black Velvet Espresso 4/136 Exhibition Street Melbourne taken with his permission).

However, more often than not, the café of cool, the place where lines are long, the lights are low and lots of caffeine comes out of the door…inevitably behind the espresso machine is a bearded broad-shouldered barista, carefully extracting the smooth black liquid of addiction.

Why is there such a deep connection with baristas, beards and fine coffee?

Are baristas with beards so cool that the coffee (and café) becomes even more desirable?

I believe there is a sub-conscious connection between beards, baristas and fine coffee.

Of course that’s my opinion and one that came to me after a sip of the smooth black liquid gave me the bravado to stop and ask Matt why beards and baristas are a cultural marketing phenomenon.

What are your thoughts?


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