Are apps on our phones battling the clutter that cards in our wallets & purses used to?

A surprising result from the latest loyalty research study ‘for love or money 2015’, is that 67% of program members prefer a real membership card (the plastic type for wallets, purses and key rings) over a mobile app (10%), to interact with their loyalty programs.

What’s even more surprising is that this preference for the card has increased from 57% since 2014.

Are our mobiles becoming as ‘app’ cluttered as our wallets/purses used to be?

On closer inspection across age groups, the preference for the card goes down to 54% and 52% for younger women and men (under 45yo) respectively and jumps to 78% and 76% for women and men over 45 yo respectively.

No matter the difference of preference by age, the card is still in great demand as the connector for members with their program, with the trend still supported by:

  1. The large-scale supermarket loyalty programs still ask for our cards at check-out
  2. A card in the wallet/purse is still a valuable piece of physical real-estate to remind members of the brand’s program and hence the benefits

So, whilst the world is shouting the mobile movement, let’s just say the card is not dead!

When building your program’s method to connect with members, be apprehensive when making a choice of card vs app.





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