25 years of loyalty (US). See what program changes you have embraced

Colloquy have released a 25 year loyalty milestone map with US centric programs (brands) mentioned PLUS specific loyalty program innovations.

Of particular interest is the mention of

  1. coalition programs
  2. social media impact (moving to rewards for interaction – not transaction)
  3. mobile apps
  4. gamification “fun for members and data for brands”
  5. philanthropy (or as I call it “points for purpose”)
  6. surprise and delight (the old/new nugget..still not being leveraged enough) 

    So what is next…?

Well that depends on how advanced your program is (if you have one).

It also depends on what is working and what is not.

Consider a review and revamp and you will soon identify what is next. You can download the 5 steps to review and revamp your program as a starting point.

The focus should always start with the 2 pivot points of a valuable loyalty program:

  1. Profitable to the business and
  2. Meaningful to the member

Below these 2 pillars are all the elements of success.



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